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Our background

Constaq was founded in 2021 by two tech nerds. After working together for 10 years on IT infrastructure within various web hosting setups, we decided to offer our experience and knowledge directly to company's. We are driven by understanding our customers and their needs to build the best solution.

Our philosophy

We are motivated to build the best solution at the best price for our customers. From our extensive experience and experimentation, we believe this is often achieved with open-source software. This means that the code on which the software is built is available online and can be downloaded for free, for example, Windows vs Linux. Open-source software has a large community behind it that supports the software.


Two of the best examples today are Openstack and Ceph. Openstack is a software for building virtual data centers. It was created and is still used by NASA to send satellites into space. Openstack is a good solution for building private clouds. Ceph is a storage platform used by CERN to collect and study petabytes of data for research. Ceph does not require any special hardware and is free to use.

Contact us, and we'll help you navigate the software jungle.

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